Green Processing and Solar Energy

Green Processing and Synthesis is a bimonthly, peer-reviewed journal that provides up-to-date research both on fundamental as well as applied aspects of innovative green process development and chemical synthesis, giving an appropriate share to industrial views. The contributions are cutting edge, high-impact, authoritative, and provide both pros and cons of potential technologies. Green Processing and Synthesis provides a platform for scientists and engineers, especially chemists and chemical engineers, but is also open for interdisciplinary research from other areas such as physics, materials science, or catalysis. The Novel water-borne coatings via hybrid mini emulsion polymerization are highly being used and for pollution prevention in the magnetic tape industry the knowledge of this subject is very necessary. For Eliminating solvents and acids in wafer processing as well as Qualitative and Quantitative analysis for environmentally benign electroplating operations should be done well.

The solar Energy is in action nowadays and has a great impact on the energy resources. For example; Solar Energy in Thermochemical processing, Solar Energy as a green energy, Water and air purification by photo degradation of contaminants.

 the use of Solar energy in environmental clean-up, solar Powered Toilet, Disinfection with solar energy etc. The Green Applications of Carbondioxide as Combined reaction/separation processes in CO, Green process concepts for the pharmaceutical industry (use of CO2 and nanoparticles), Two-stage drawing of PET fibers using CO and Supercritical CO2 carbonation of cement and cement/fiber composites.

  • Solar energy in thermochemical processing
  • Solar Energy as a green energy
  • Disinfection with solar energy
  • Solar Powered Toilet
  • Green Applications of Carbondioxide

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